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I was born and raised in northeastern Ohio where at an early age I developted and interest in art and music. My grandfather was a professional sign painter and musician. Guess those genes got transfered to me.

      In my early twenties I had many small jobs but could'nt decide what I really wanted to do. After many false starts I found myself in an actual working band,one that actually made money. We traveled around the eastern United States performing at hotels and conventions finally settling in Florida. Around this time I really had a desire to learn to draw portraits so I dived in full steam.

         Since that time I have done many many commission portraits and been Blessed to win a few shows along the way. I now live in Dallas, Texas and paint most days. 


My most favorite job is my latest one, being a Grandfather! And should you acuse me of shamelessly useing this cutie to market my art, its ok I asked her if I could use her picture. She said no problem.